About us

Our enterprise is born out of passion for the scenic and unique small islands of Estonia. We have gained wonderful experiences, lots of good emotions and tons of energy while visiting these islands of beautiful nature and unique culture. We decided to start a company and organise such tours ourselves so that we could experience all this time again and invite others to discover the wonders of the islands as well.

If you want a break from everyday life to spend a nice relaxing day in the sea air, on a small island of Estonia, surrounded by untouched nature, or you wish to learn about the life, history and culture of these unique islands, then you are at the right place. We organise experience tours and educational excursions, hikes in nature and various events on small islands. To offer you the best, we cooperate with local communities and enterprises and always keep you posted with events taking place.

Choose the best option from ready-made travel packages or allow us to organise a tour or event custom-made for you.

Feel free to contact us for additional information! Please write to us at info@saarteturism.ee